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The Burgundian and welcoming atmosphere of Eijsden is characterized by the many terraces, cafes and restaurants that you can find in the village within walking distance of our accommodations, and by the welcoming and cozy attitude of the inhabitants and operators of shops, cafes and restaurants towards tourists.
But also by the Burgundian traditions that have kept Eijsden alive for centuries in an almost Mediterranean way, such as the annual "Broonk" based on age-old traditions, symbolized by the image in this photo, the less traditional Diepstraat festivals and the cycling tours that are surrounded by festivities. On this page you will find some more information about these events, so you can look up or avoid when staying in Eijsden.

De Broonk festivities in Eijsden

This 3-day, usually sunny and warm festival in Eijsden, which always takes place exactly 2 weeks after Pentecost, is deeply rooted in the Eijsden community and is based on ancient Catholic traditions that, as is often the case at Catholic festivals, have a strong Burgundian character. Eating, drinking, togetherness, music and dance are central together, around all traditional Catholic activities and protocols. The party is ushered in on Saturday evening with cannon shots but only really starts on Sunday with the procession. Characteristics are the so-called "reidances" on the street, the dance called the "cramignon" and the so-called "reveille": each of the 3 Bronkdagen transforms the harmony through the village at 4:00 am rousing drum roll to wake everyone up for a new day of celebration. If you are a tourist in Eijsden, do not be afraid :). In any case, normal life (including shops) is completely flat during those days and the streets are full of beer stalls, food stalls and people.

3 days Broonk, 3 different parts of Eijsden

The festivities lasts 3 days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and always moves within the village to a different part in terms of the emphasis of the activities, although through the whole village it's 3 days of celebration. Certainly for tourists this is important to know, for example on Monday the accent of the festivities is just around the corner and around the corner from our accommodations at the Stationsplein in Eijsden. There will undoubtedly be some noise nuisance and many people at the door. But of course you can also just participate. Everything is possible, nothing is necessary. On Sundays it is mainly to do around the church of the village part Breust, around the very cozy café Heerlijkheid Breust. On Tuesday, the core of the party is in the Diepstraat and the Bat, on the Maas. Guests will notice this in our accommodation at the Bat.
If you stay in Eijsden during the Broonk, then the advice is to simply participate, watch it all or leave it all behind you by, for example, taking a day trip to Maastricht, Liège or Valkenburg, or entering the Voer region. As soon as you are beyond the boundaries of Eijsden, you will no longer notice the festivities.
If you want to know more about the backgrounds and taste the atmosphere, watch this documentary about this traditional festive event.

Diepstraat festivities in Eijsden

The Diepstraat festivities in Eijsden take place every year on a Saturday and Sunday at the end of July (google the exact dates each year). Central to these festivities is a large flea market and fair that winds through the Diepstraat and many adjacent streets, of course equipped with the necessary drinking and eating stalls. An atmospheric bustle that usually attracts many visitors, including tourists.

Cycling races through Eijsden

Several cycling races regularly pass through Eijsden, of which the Hell of the Mergelland is the best known. But there are also races that have their start and finish in Eijsden, including the associated festivities. The best known of these is the so-called annual Bart Brentjens Challenge, the mountain bike race that also has a children's version under the name of the "fat tire race". This mountain bike classic goes through Eijsden, the beautiful Limburg hills and the adjacent Belgian region. This race always ensures fun festivities in Eijsden, but also for streets that are cordoned off for cars.

More festivities in the area

In the surrounding villages, Maastricht and Luik there are many festivities that you can enjoy while staying in one of our accommodations in Eijsden. Taste the atmosphere with the pictures below and click on them for more information:

Preuvenemint in Maastricht

Annual 4-day culinary festival at the Vrijthof in Maastricht, in August

Carnival in Maastricht

Annual 3-5 day unique Burgundian festivity in February of March

Magisch Maastricht

Annual 33-day winter fun event the last 33 days of the year

Outremeus in Liege

Annual 7-day festivities in Outremeuse part of Liege  in August

The Night of Gulpen

Annual 70 km walking route through the night with after party

Andre Rieu concerts at Vrijthof in Maastricht

Annual open air concerts of Andre Rieu, dates from May to July

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