Everything you want within walking distance

Our accommodations are located in picturesque Eijsden, 10 minutes from Maastricht: The ideal base for all the beauty, culture, entertainment and activity this region has to offer. You can reach everything by train or car within 10 minutes to half an hour. In Eijsden itself you can literally find everything within walking distance: from restaurants, cafes, picturesque streets, terraces, castles, beautiful nature, water fun, fun valley, to a complete shopping center:

Restaurants en cafes

In Eijsden you will find several restaurants and cafes, all within walking distance of our accommodations. You can find them in the old core of Eijsden and around the shopping center.

Takeaway and delivery meals

Don't feel like cooking or eating out? Eijsden offers various snack bars, takeaways and delivery options "just around the courner". Restaurants have these options since corona too.

Shops and supermarkets

Within a 10 minute walk around the old church of "Breusj" you will find a complete shopping center with supermarkets, lunchrooms and shops for your daily needs and (local) delicatessens.

Picturesque streets

When you step out the door, you can walk in a few minutes through the picturesque streets of the old core of Eijsden, which winds along the Maas, up the Diepstraat to Kasteel Eijsden.

Beautiful nature and views

The picturesque streets of Eijsden lead to beautiful views and nature reserves on almost all sides of the city. Great for walks or just wandering around.

Castles and historical buildings

Walking around the neighborhood you will discover many historical buildings, such as churches, monasteries, monumental houses and castles. This belongs to the Duke of Eijsden.

Beautiful walking and cycling routes

Because of the surrounding nature and picturesque villages in South Limburg and the adjacent Voer region, there are many beautiful routes to walk or cycle, most of which you can start directly from the house.

Sports, games, water fun and adventure

Eijsden offers exceptionally good facilities for such a small village for swimming, water sports, fitness, games, climbing, adventure and more. Inside and outside. For all ages.

Burgundian atmosphere and festivities

This statue symbolizes the Burgundian and hospitable traditions that Eijsden has kept alive in an almost Mediterranean way for centuries, such as the annual "Broonk" and the Diepstraat festivals.

An ideal base for discovering the regio

From this location you are in Maastricht within 10 minutes and you can reach everything there is to see and do in this beautiful region within an hour, by train, car or via beautiful walking or cycling tours.

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